Asbestos Surveys - SWT Asbestos Control & Management

What an Asbestos Management Survey Achieve for you?

Our surveyors can help in a number of ways:

  • by carrying out surveys to the Approved HSE Code of Practice (HSG 264)

  • by carrying out the necessary Risk Assessments required to comply with the asbestos survey legislation

  • by drawing up the prescribed Asbestos Register

  • by preparation of a Required Abestos Management Survey

In most cases further expenditure is not required as the HSE's preferred option is, if possible, to leave any asbestos in-situ and manage the risk.

We are totally independent & impartial and have no association or affiliation with any Removal Contractors.

We have considerable experience of industry & commerce, both in process & management, enabling the necessary procedures to be carried out with the minimum of disruption and particularly without compromising on-site safety standards.

All surveyors are fully qualified in Asbestos Surveying and The Management of Asbestos in Buildings by BIOH (the British Institute of Occupational Hygienists).

All surveyors are fully insured.

We quote "all-inclusive" prices with no obligation.

We produce a detailed comprehensive survey report with photos, plans (where appropriate) and Test Certificates.

We provide a cost effective solution to help you meet your legal obligations.